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My Story

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At the age of 23, I answered the call to ministry and began a new phase in my life and walk with God. The thing I desired more than anything was to be effective in the assignment God called me to do. I was diligent in my prayer time and study of God’s Word, however, I quickly realized the disparage of women in ministry that existed at that time. I noticed that the women who were most respected at their craft were not just anointed but learned as well. Desiring to deepen my understanding of the Scriptures and be better equipped for Christian Ministry, I enrolled in and completed a Minister’s Training Program at United Christian College – Durham Extension and East Coast Bible College/Lee University, Charlotte, North Carolina. I received my Evangelistic License under the tutelage of my grandfather, the late Bishop Frizelle Yelverton in the Mount Calvary Holy Church.





I was married at the age of 29 and experienced one of the greatest trials of my life. Three months into my marriage, I discovered my husband had a drug addiction. Struggling to glorify God and make sense of things even in the worst time of my life, I enrolled in an Introduction to Substance Abuse course. Though my marriage ended up eventually failing, I discovered my life's purpose and more spiritual gifts I could use to serve others. I completed the required courses and received an Associate’s Degree in Human Services with a concentration in Substance Abuse Counseling and a Bachelor’s Degree in Multidisciplinary Counseling and Psychology shortly after.


Though divorced, I was determined not to allow the stigma of shame that perpetuated my life to define me. I continued to work wholeheartedly in ministry and service unto the Lord. I took pleasure in delighting myself in the Lord and believed to receive all the desires of my heart. My husband, Michael Brice, answered the call of my heart and found me working in ministry doing what I loved most. He became the covering I needed to break many generational curses in my life putting to proof Proverbs 18:22, (MSG), “Find a good spouse, you find a good life — and even more: the favor of God!” I serves faithfully along with my husband as an Associate Minister at Monument of Praise Ministries under the shepherding of Dr. Kevin A. Williams. In 2013, Tequita I formed Virtuous Woman Ministries, Inc., a non-profit organization committed to helping women be excellent in every area of their lives. As President of Virtuous Woman Ministries, Inc., I encourage thousands to walk out their God-ordained destinies through speaker engagements, training in spiritual development, general life coaching, and much more. With a spirit of excellence, I admonish women they have what it takes to live virtuously.


After completing my Bachelor’s Degree, I felt  the drive to continue my education. I pursued and completed a Master’s Degree in Education with a concentration in Counseling and added a Life Coaching Certification to solidify my knowledge base in the area of Spiritual Growth, to add credibility in the field, and to continue to serve others with the best of myself. My degree also qualified me to be able to offer editing and proofreading services which I began doing in excellence. That excellence allowed me to birth WriteIt2LIFE Publishing, a boutique publishing company that offers custom publishing services to aspiring authors.

In 2014, I felt the release in my spirit to share with the world how I survived my first marriage and discovered my life’s purpose. I became a published author. My inspiring breakout memoir is entitled FOR MY SHAME: Finding Purpose through Pain. In it, I offer encouragement to people who find themselves dealing with painfully unforeseen and unexpected trials in their lives and demonstrate that no matter how challenging the process, they too, will emerge free from the pain, having overcome the shame.

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Meet the Brice's


For all intents and purposes, I am just Tequita - Evangelist, Author, Speaker, and Spiritual Growth Coach passionately walking out my life’s purpose building, strengthening, and empowering women to realize their value, purpose, and worth in Jesus Christ. I've been told that my joy and excitement in Christ are contagious and my deep love for my Savior is quite obvious.  I endeavor to share Christ's message of love, hope, healing, and restoration across the world. Though my accomplishments are highlighted, I am simply A Virtuous Woman whose utmost desire is sincerely to please God.

My Story