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Build, Strengthen, & Empower

Tequita is best known for inspiring audiences through the preached word. Heeding the call to expand her brand to the marketplace, she emerged into the speaking arena where she combines sound coaching acumen with a profound understanding of human behavior to construct riveting talks that leave her audiences empowered to be their best selves.

Signature TalkS

My Virtue Is My Value

Tequita discusses the disintegration of the virtues that perpetuate the character of a woman and the necessity to reawaken the standard of excellence within her. With passion and conviction, she explains that the value of a woman is measured by the character she exhibits and that if subpar, can only be perfected by a commitment to a transformational thought process that elevates the mind from the conventional to the divine. Through her talk, you’ll gain an invaluable understanding that:

  • Virtue doesn’t mean perfection

  • Compromise will kill your virtue

  • Your excellence is your most valuable possession


Processed to Purpose

For many people, having to endure pain, trials, hardships, challenges, and tribulations are not welcomed events.  Tequita provides encouragement to people who finds themselves dealing with painfully unforeseen and unexpected trials in their lives and discusses that no matter how challenging the process, they too will emerge free from the pain and having overcome the shame.

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